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Top 5 mistakes people make when choosing a video company to market their business.




1.  They hire a friend.  Everyone knows someone with a camera these days.  Especially with the quality of smartphone cameras continuing to rise.  But you need a video content creator to market your business that knows what needs to be in the video, what doesn’t need to be, and the correct method needed to capture the footage.


2.  They price shop.  To save money they go with the cheapest, most inexpensive choice.  When it comes to video, it’s just one of those things where you get what you pay for.  If you are marketing your business using video, you want to make sure you hire a company who thinks past “just the video.”  


3.  They hire someone based solely on video quality.  While this is a great trait to have in the video business, you want to make sure your video does more than just “look good.”  Video should explain what your product or service is about, while also targeting key points that show it’s value.


4.  They hire a “camera man” or “videographer.”  The title definitely implies they work with and are probably knowledgable about cameras, but are you just looking for a camera man?  Aren’t you looking a video company that can create a content package that shows your product or services to your specific audience?


5.  They do NOT look or hire locally.  Client’s think they must hire a national or large company to create their video content.  When actually hiring locally could be the key to your marketing success.  Smaller or individually owned companies have more time to commit to you.  They don’t have thousands of customers across the globe.  So their time and attention are more dedicated to you, the area you live in, and the best way to market there to find leads.


Marketing your company is important.  Video content is by far the leading method of advertising.  If you are going to cut corners, cut corners on your pens, or sticky notes, or office furniture.  The one thing you do not want to cut cost on is marketing for your business.  Please contact us at and let us help you come up with the best video content solution for marketing your business.

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