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Professional Video Production


   We are an eastern North Carolina based video production company that offers an array of professional video services to help businesses market their product or service in this fast pace digital world.  


   Why Video?  Video content has been shown to convert more clients than still photos or written content.  Chances are more than 90% of your audience will be viewing your page in a fast pace environment, on a smart phone or tablet; you have limited time to engage them with your companies product, services and to tell them who you are and what you do.



We offer:


  • Multi-camera videoing recording services 

  • Professional Audio Services

  • Professional Video editing services 

  • Pre & Post production project services

  • Writing, directing and video set services

  • Flying cameras for aerial video, or crane/ dolly / rail simulation or for automobile commercials (All our drone pilots are professional Part 107 licensed and Insured pilots)

We have successfully provided content to satisfied clients in the following industries:


  • Product or Services Advertisement/Marketing Video for businesses or corporations.

  • Business or Event Advertisement/Marketing Video. for businesses or corporations. 

  • Corporate videos (training, service documentation, website video etc) for businesses or corporations.

  • Documentaries

  • Video Business Cards (VBC)

Please contact us to help find the video solution that is right for you, your business, or event.

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